Our highly experienced UK Study Consultants can provide free UK study advice to international students who are considering coming to the UK for further or higher studies under UK student visa. As specialist UK Study Consultants for international students, we can assess your qualifications, skills, past experience and give you appropriate advice and guidance for your admission in a UK university for your further studies in the UK.

Need free UK study advice? Book an appointment with our UK Study Consultants for free study advice for studying in the UK as an international student.

Ask a question to our UK Study Consultants concerning your admission in a UK University. Our UK Study Consultants will aim to respond to your free UK study advice enquiry within 24 hours of receiving your free advice enquiry.

Free UK study advice online is provided 24/7 including outside our office hours. Please be advised that free UK study advice is subject to availability and discretion of our UK Study Consultants.